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73% of users have the same password for everything including Online Banking.

20-May-2017 This is a shocking statistic. No wonder people are afraid of getting hacked, they make it so easy.

Your online data is only as secure as your password.

Tips on password management

Email password different from all others.
When you sign up for a newsletter and give your user-name (usually your email address) and create a password, if this password is the same one you use to access your email then there is a chance that any of those companies staff could have access to that data and therefore could access your email.  There are strict privacy laws against this however.

If this happens, then they could get to a lot of personal information, they could change your password so you can't get access, they could find out where you shop, where you bank and reset your passwords.

At the very least have 4 levels of password security

Email Only
This should be unique for your email and not use it for anything else.

Low level security
Things newsletters you sign up for, competitions you enter, surveys you take low security websites.

Medium level security
Use this for e-commerce websites, your domain name, website hosting, your computer, your website Content Management System (CMS) if you have one, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or sites that need security but not banking or email.

High level
Online Banking and other financial data eg share trading

So there you have it, by breaking your passwords down into security levels you are increasing your protection from being hacked and you are making it a bit easier for you to remember your passwords.

Alternatively you can keep an asset register of all your important websites and what those passwords are. I suggest you use,  but there are plenty out there, and make sure your password to it is very difficult to crack eg “7jUeO59Rf856” not something like “bubblegum”

Good luck and the next time you enter your password into internet banking just think how easy it would be to crack.


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