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IE6 must die

10-May-2011 When I was rebuilding this website, I started my cross browser testing and then I started debugging for IE6, then it dawned on me, this is my site and I don't have to fix IE6 "issues". I started to do some research and found there are many campaigns out there to eliminate IE6 and found some very interesting information.

The reason it is still around This is really a sad state of affairs and if user don't know or don't care and corporates are reluctant to embrace social media, then why are we still busting ourselves to build for IE6.

So please, if you are a web developer looking at this site,
either add 20% surcharge to develop for IE6 or
implement one of the below IE6 upgrade script to each and every site you develop.

There are many campaigns to end the use of IE6 some are:
Here are some more tips on debugging for IE6

If in doubt, Google it, and if you are really struggling, email me and I can help.

And now for some humour

Visit IE6 funeral

Or just Google "death of ie6"

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IE6 must die

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