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SEO - do you need it

20-May-2017 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has many tactics but they can all be divided into either on page or off page.

On Page SEO is placing words in your website that you would use to search for your business.  So imagine you are a customer, do a Google search but don't use your business name, what words would you use?  Those words are your keywords.  But it is not that simple, because each individual person will search in a different way, they will use different words depending on age, how computer literate they are, what industry they are in and how familiar they are with your industry etc.

Off Page SEO is using a range of tactics some of which include listing your site on directories, creating landing pages so the links go back to your website, commenting on forums, creating blogs with links back to your website and basically promoting your site as much as possible on the internet outside of your website.

As you can imagine both on page and off page SEO have many levels, at the basic level, code your website to make sure unique keywords appear in each page of your website, things like title tag, meta tags, heading tags, alt tags, page names, image names etc.  This would be the bare minimum.  Only the Search Engines see the code behind the website, as they cannot see design.

The next level would be to add new pages with relevant content each week or month the more creative the better, even video content, either an article or new service or something to change your site and change the homepage.  When Search Engine's scan your site, they check for changes against the Cached site that is on their index, if there hasn't been any changes they will reduce the time between scans, if your content has change they increase the scan frequency.  If your content changes and people are interested in reading your articles, your site will be more popular and therefore will be a higher rank.  There is a catch 22 here and that is why it can take 6 - 12 months to see results.

From there you could create landing pages that split up your products and services by keywords and so each page on your site has a unique "theme" or subject, eg what the product and service is about.

After that just about anything goes, you can create newsletters and blogs that have a clear theme that link back to the same theme on the website.  When I say theme I am talking about the subject of the page or the topic, eg if you sell flowers one of your themes could be Valentines day and you would focus on those keywords for that theme.

So as you can see it can get quite complex and detailed if you create entire campaigns based on just one theme of your business. How many themes to you think you have in your business?

So what level of SEO is right for you?

This is not an exhaustive list, I have only touched on the basics.  Just like any type of marketing the more creative you are with content the better results you have as you will be drawing people in and therefore making your site popular, which is what ranking is all about.


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