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There's no such thing as the perfect website

10-May-2011 You don't know where to start so you put the project off, and instead stress out about getting everything ready. Plus by avoiding starting the website means you won't make any mistakes. That works itself up into procrastination and full-scale project paralysis — and the website project winds up never getting completed.

Most people see their website as set and forget, but the reality is that it is better to start with one page live then keep changing and adding to it rather that trying to create something perfect with all the bells and whistle that will never be live.

Remember not to let perfect get in the way of better.

Here are some ways to avoid project paralysis.

1. Start small - Don't think about the end result, focus on one page at a time and leave the homepage until last, it is like the summary of a document it should highlight all the pages that are already created. Launch the website with just the basics and add a new section or page each week. Once a website is live this is just the beginning, you can make changes all the time, if one thing doesn't work, change it. Nothing is set in stone, this is the great thing about the web, unlike print you can change things immediately with limited costs.

2. Dedicate 15 mins per week - Get an A4 notepad or use MS Word and write page names at the top of each page. List bullet points about what each page will have on it. Keep it short and quick. Each 15 mins write a short paragraph for each bullet point and hey presto before you know it, it will be done.

3. Don't do it alone - Once you have the outline enlist the help of people around you, get them to read it and comment and most importantly ask them if they understand it and what would they write.

4. Get an accountability buddy - if you are really struggling you could enlist a friend or partner to be an accountability buddy. The person will require a report on what you have done in the last week to get to your goal.

5. Start the project - often the thought of doing it is worse that actually doing it. I know with my tasks that once I get a blank piece of paper in front of me or login to my website the work just flows. Force yourself to sit down and put a pen in your hand or open a blank document. It is amazing what flows once you actually start.


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