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Use popular search trends for higher SEO rankings.

14-Dec-2010 I was just reading this great article that mentions using popular search terms (trending topics) in your blogs or website to attract more visitors and take advantage of that trend and therefore benefiting from popular searches.

See extract below........

Retailers are also being urged to incorporate search trends in order to increase sales. Kitchenware site Everten Online is well known for this, with chief executive Hal Pritchard plugging Masterchef keywords into the site to attract buyers – Stewart says he does the same.

"I wrote a blog post on WikiLeaks recently, and then I wrote one on NASA's announcement last week. This week I've had over 1,000 hits on those two topics. So if you look at what people are searching for it can give you some good ideas."


So when writing anything for the web take a look at and try and incorporate those keywords into your writing.


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